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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WoW I'm a BON! Can a girl have humility in the face of recognition?

HUMILITY - The quality or condition of being humble; imitate Jesus and Socrates. [Humility week begins here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

"Humble Gift" by Marielliot
(Reprise of a FAVORITE Image)

Welcome Wow visitors! I am truly delighted to have you stop by. You have landed in the middle of my year long experiment to encourage more Everyday Bliss in my life. In order to do this I am playing an Everyday Game in which I explore what I am calling the 13 virtues of Bliss. Each week I concentrate on one of the virtues, create games to play and report my success or failures here. I am almost 3/4 of the way through the year long game as I write this and you have landed here during one of my Humility weeks.

When Pam and Sandy of Words of Wisdom informed me that TODAY was going to be my BON (Blogger of Note) day I initially thought I might ask them to move my day to next week sometime because somehow it didn't seem all that humble to be creating fan fare about the place. Then I decided it was perfect.  Humility does not mean one isn't worthy of accolades, it just requires that you get out of the way and allow the light of your work shine.  Which, as it turns out, is exactly what Words of Wisdom is all about!

If you had arrived here during surprise week I may have set off fireworks, during whimsy week I might have sent every visitor a fancy tea cake, or during romance week you may have been treated to a love poem...  every week has its own flavor. Which has made it really difficult to choose only THREE of my favorite posts as a way to introduce my blog. Are you interested in politics or religion? Do you want to laugh or do you just want to know more about me?  It is really is hard to choose!  Here are the three I came up with:

From Serenity week, a reality check: 

From Gratitude Week, a real favorite:

From Whimsy Week, comedy for my foodie friends:

For those of you who haven't heard of Words of Wisdom before I do recommend a hop over there. Pam and Sandy came up with a remarkably sane idea to recognize blogs for their content rather then flash or style. To be honest I was worried Everyday Bliss might not make the cut because I do giveaways (in fact you can click here for the Gratitude Giveaway Hop in progress) and sometimes I can't write a coherent sentence to save my life. Thankfully, Pam and Sandy looked past these flaws to my intent to inspire and amuse if not provoke a deeper thought from time to time. 

I truly am honored to have a chance to be today's featured blogger and I hope that you enjoy your stay. I look forward to returning the visit and getting to know all of you as well!

Next Post: A study in humility

My 13 bliss virtues are 
joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, 
romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, and surprise.

This week we are studying Humility. Next week it is Surprise.


  1. Congratulations on becoming a BON! I am so glad that I found your blog through Words of Wisdom. I love your posts and have become a follower. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great day. :-)

  2. Congratulations on being featured! I'm very glad that so many people obviously appreciate the worth of what you are doing here!!
    Now I'm off to visit your links- its just if I don't comment first I'll get lost and forget to return!!

  3. Congratulations!!!! This is just so wonderful, Kathy! the way - did you check out my recent blog post? There's something you might be interested in there. ;) Theresa

  4. claudiaschlottmanJune 16, 2010 at 8:27 AM

    What a wonder and beautiful blog you have. I dropped in from BON and want to say "congratulations." You are correct when you can that humility doesn't preclude accolades, and you have earned yours. I used to keep a gratitude journal, but I stopped when my husband died last year. You have inspired me to start a new one. Thanks.

  5. Happy BON WOW day! Doesn't it feel great? You deserve it!

  6. Congratulations! You deserve it!!!

  7. Congrats on your BON day! This sounds like an interesting project. I look forward to returning and exploring your posts.

  8. Well, I think you are a BON everyday! So happy you get this recognition and so happy we've met in this great, big blog-o-sphere -- see you tomorrow in real-life-o-sphere!

  9. Congrats to you! Sandy and Pam have a wonderful enterprise percolating over at WOW. I'm loving the chance to connect with others of like mind!

  10. Whoo HOO! you totally deserve it...congrats!

  11. Congratulations on a very well-deserved award! I'm so happy your work is being recognized..thank you for writing such great content : )

  12. Enjoy your BON day, Kathy. You have a truly original project going here, and I often find something new to think about. Just visited your post about giving up perfection. I absolutely agree. Striving for perfection creates both stress and fear...and usually frustration, too! Much better to go for excellence or enjoyment or almost anything but perfection!

  13. What a great idea. For a while I made myself list the things I was thankful for each day while driving to work. It made me stop and appreciate what I have.

    Congrats on your WOW

  14. ...Not sure what happened there. Congrats on your WOW honour and good luck with your project.


  15. Congrats on being BON! Your site is inspiring and always an enjoyable read. I love that you always make me think on a deeper note about how we live our lives.


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