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Monday, June 14, 2010

*** The Big Gratitude Hop Giveaway *** Win a Baccarat Heart Pendant *** Win a Pig ***

The Gratitude Game!! A return to gratitude with a humility twist!

Welcome to my special Gratitude Giveaway post. Recently I wrote about Courage and Moxie traveling in tight circles. Well, Gratitude and Humility also travel similar roads. Often when getting in touch with either and the other is inexplicably there.

This is what you can win!

I am grateful everyday that I do not have to worry about food. I sometimes allow myself to get stressed out about what to prepare but I NEVER worry that there isn't going to be something. Not everyone on the planet is as lucky as I am and for this reason I have decided to play the following gratitude game. This game will be a combination of a giveaway for you (The Baccarat Heart Pendant) and the gift of a pig (given in my winner's name) to Another intention of this giveaway is for anyone playing to take a moment and get present to all the people, places and things for which they are grateful.

Also, given in your name to if you win!

This is how the game will be played...

There are no special hoops to jump through to be the winner of this giveaway. There are multiple ways  to enter and you are encouraged to enter often!

One chance will be awarded for every comment left on this post in which you state what you are grateful for.  (If you entered in my previous attempt at this game your comments from that game will be grandfathered in as well.) You are allowed one grateful comment per day. If you don't have an email address associated with your blogger profile please make sure you leave me a way to reach you!

One chance will be awarded for every person, place or thing you add to the Gratitude hop below. You must notify me of the item/website you entered into the Gratitude hop. (You can do so in a comment or by email... EverydayBlissSpot *at* ) There is NO limit to the number of things you add to the hop but you must tell me that you added them AND that you are grateful for the person, place or thing you do add. Links added without a follow up comment or email will be deleted. All items in the old Gratitude Hop will be grandfathered in if you send me the email or comment letting me know which ones are yours!)

Receive 5 chances for visiting a place in the gratitude hop that is NEW to YOU and tell me that you have done so. If it is someone's website consider leaving them a comment letting them know how you found them.

Finally you can receive 10 chances if you link to this post and encourage others to come on by and play. Share the gratitude!!! (Please let me know you have done so to insure you get your 10 chances!)

This contest will end at Midnight Pacific Time Sunday June 20th and I will announce the winner on June 21st to kick off Surprise week. Good Luck to everyone!!!

Next post: Back to Humility week!

My 13 bliss virtues are 
joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, 
romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, and surprise.

This week we are studying Humility. Next week it is Surprise.


  1. I am grateful for all the new friends that I have made the past couple of weeks through my blog.

  2. Kathy, this is so wonderful! I am thankful for you and your bright and encouraging spirit! You are a blessing to me and I feel like you just may be one to all those you meet!

  3. I'd rather have a pig than a pendant. I visited Lisa @ LifeUnity 2 days ago (and left a comment) and I'll be visiting a place which is new to me on Thursday with you! (It will be new to my Sweet Child, also... does he get a chance to win the pig, too?)

  4. How wonderful, Kathy! Today, I am grateful to be alive - and that I am just able to enjoy simple times with my hubby and pups. I can find happiness in just the quiet times. A person can definitely find contentment in doing ordinary everyday things. :) Theresa

  5. BLissed-Out GrandmaJune 15, 2010 at 9:51 PM

    I am grateful that I willl be working from home beginning in a couple of months, and retiring by the end of December. Woo-hoo! Enjoy your day as the WOW BON!

  6. I am grateful for sunshine and sunsets and all the plants (edible and pretty) which are growing so well at present. I'm also grateful that I didn't get run over when picking and eating wild strawberries out of the hedgerow last night...

  7. And did you know, I even have a link on my blog... it's here

    Yep, I'm gonna win me this pig through sheer peskiness & persistence!

  8. I hope I'm doing this right--I'm grateful for my mental health.

  9. I added Caution's button; she's just a delight :)

  10. I met the sweet M.Bloom at We Bloom Here. She sure is crafty (and creative, and thoughtful :)

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