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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still not up for the moxie study... but here is some moxie for you... I'm talking politics!

MOXIE - The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; vigor; verve; pep. [Moxie week starts here. Go to this post for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

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I have a friend who lists his political affiliation on Facebook as "Liberal with Balls."  Since reading that, oh six or seven months ago, I have been thinking about my own political bias. I can definitely own the Liberal part, I voted for our president, believe in same sex or whoever wants to do it marriage, I recycle, buy organic and I am a bit afraid of Sarah Palin but beyond this I can't really own much more. I grew up in a house where it wasn't polite to talk about politics and we never did.  My father was a registered republican and, I'm sure, wondered where he went wrong because all three of his kids lean left. Perhaps he should have talked to us after all!

When I was in college I was called "Kathy Political" by many of my friends and I even did a stint as the Student Association President. There were definitely left and right camps in the student senate but nothing nearly as pronounced as our Washington one. The most controversial thing I ever did was veto funding on a concert. It would have eaten up 50% of our activity budget and only 20% of the student body could have gone. It didn't make ANY sense to me and from that point I was pretty strictly considered a part of the "conservative camp" which is odd since more services for more people seems like a pretty liberal proposition!

When  I was in my twenties I campaigned for Paul Simon (not the singer!) and became disillusioned when after he lost he sent me a chain letter thanking me for my support and asking me to buy his book... all this enclosed in a Christmas card of his family. Tacky tacky tacky! From that point on I just ignored politics. 

Those of you who have known me a long time can vouch for the fact that I am not a shy person. I am willing to speak up when I see discrimination and/or environmental issues that concern me but if the truth is to be told I do so with so much tact as often to not make an impact at all.  Perhaps this could be called a "whispering liberal" because some how over time it became more important to be liked then to be audibly honest about what I really think. 

I'm convinced this is a slippery slope. If everyone remained polite the Nazi's would likely still rule Europe. If our founding fathers didn't have that nice tea party the United States might still be a British Colony. If Rosa Parks didn't take a seat on that bus, if Elizabeth Cady Stanton didn't risk her families comfort etc. etc. the world would be a very different place.

I don't believe in slamming my opinion down other people's throats and I am a firm believer that the world works best when all opinions are addressed. It should, however, be possible for me to speak proudly and loudly of the opinions I do have. You don't have to agree, and I'd love to hear your opinion too.  I'm still not quite up to labeling myself "Liberal with Balls" but I am starting feel the hopeful upswing of some liberal moxie! I'll keep you posted!

Next post: Moxie study (who am I kidding... I may never get to this, expect some slightly on topic post tomorrow!)

My 13 bliss virtues: joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, surprise


  1. ok. i cracked up when you said you were a bit afraid of palin.

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Good thing Sarah Palin has moxie, too . . . sometimes it is more important than being liked -- case in point.

  3. I think this was a nice observation on your opinions here. Visiting from SITS!

  4. I lovingly refer to myself as a Crazy Liberal Nut Job. It suits me, don't you think? HA! And yes...I'm a bit afraid of Palin, too. It's sort of like the Wizard of Oz...if I ever run into her don't be surprised if I happen to try to spill a bucket of water on the woman. Just say'n. I think you are absolutely right that all opinions should be heard, although, I am FAR more partial to those that are educated and well thought out. I don't really tolerate ignorance very well. I will acknowledge an opposing opinion and even remain open to it as long as it is well thought out and supported. I could actually talk about this stuff for hours, but I'll shut up now. Thanks for a fun post!

  5. I am not sure why anyone would leave because of the post above, though you did use the words Palin and lesbian in the same post. Shame!!! ;-)

    One of the problems that I see in my corner of the country is that people cannot talk civilly on topics in which they disagree. People also can't think a whole issue through (perhaps because they don't have enough unbiased info?). I think we, as Americans, need to more universally practice kindess to our fellow Americans and stop fighting everything. Perhaps there are some things that we need to accept (like we have different opinions about things) which might reduce our stress levels?


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