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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today is my Birthday! 47 things I am passionate about...

PASSION -a fervent or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything; experience of strong love or sexual desire. [Passion Week begins here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

So today is my Birthday.  47. Well at least I believe it is 47. I really have lost the capability to count that high. I believe it is a self defense mechanism. I'm not sure what happens if I need to make change for a dollar. Thank goodness I live in the plastic age. My sweet Girl had this reassuring comment to offer, "Is 47 as bigger then 4 mommy? It sounds PRETTY BIG!!!" And hubby likes to rub in that he is actually 2 years younger. Yep, I'm getting all the support I need!

47 isn't a landmark birthday but my mortality is definitely looming large! Until just recently whenever a birthday rolled around I always had the thought, given likely life expectancies that I had made it "about half way" in my turn here on planet earth. Two times 47 does not net this reassuring idea. 45 and 46 didn't either but I pretended not to notice. I realize we are only as old as we feel but knowing that I am on the downward slope of my personal life certainly intensifies the feeling that I should be doing everything I can to pack all the living I can in! 

A really good idea, no matter how old you are, is to take a few minutes and really get in touch with your passions. If you are like me you might stare at the blank paper and a sudden fear that MAYBE you really  don't have that many. I originally started with friends and family on my list and then I thought "Am I really PASSIONATE about anything else?" Then I thought about it and slowly the ideas were flowing! Remarkably, just coming up with the list got me present to passions I had been neglecting. Getting back in touch with them has given me a full docket of things to take on. I have been quiet about GM Food (Genetically Modified Food) and I am passonate about slowing the growth of this industry. Check out the movie Food Inc. and see how you feel about it. Getting in touch with this passion alone has given me a dozen or so items I want to put in my life... and so it goes with the whole list.

As you look through my 47 things, consider for yourself what might be on your list. Whether you are on the upward or downward slope of your time here on planet earth (and we never really know until the end anyway!) getting present to your list will immediately spark a groundswell of passion. I am energized and excited today and I wish you all the very same!

47 Things I am Passionate about

  1. My Sweetie
  2. My Girl
  3. My Entire Family
  4. Great Friends
  5. Living in this day and age
  6. Clean Air
  7. Clean Water
  8. KIVA
  9. Reusable Bags
  10. The Precautionary Principle
  11. Heirloom plants and seeds
  12. Beating "Monsanto Lawsuits"
  13. Food Inc
  14. Baby Animals
  15. Baby People
  16. Sustainable Stuff
  17. The Landmark Forum
  18. ETSY 
  19. Art Supplies
  20. Fairy Dust
  21. Good French Fries
  22. A Really Good Peach
  23. Non GMO Food
  24. Non GMO Shoppers Guide
  25. Trees
  26. Gardens
  27. Dirt
  28. Worms
  29. Comfortable Shoes
  30. AFS Intercultural Programs
  31. Human Rights
  32. Democracy
  33. Cloth Handkerchiefs
  34. Parenting
  35. Blogging
  36. Vacationing
  37. Maui
  38. Leafy Sea Dragons 
  39. Mai Tais
  40. Stolen Moments with my Sweetie (aka Girl Free)
  41. XXX (for our eyes only)
  42. Kisses from my Sweetie
  43. Kisses from my Girl
  44. Baby Wearing
  45. Reading
  46. Ben Franklin
  47. Bliss
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    1. Happy b*day girl. Hope you get BLISSFULL gifts.

    2. Hi! Great post....and there are some really great things on that list! Hope you have a great birthday : )

    3. Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad I am not alone with my passion for good french fries. It's an art, really.

    4. Happy Birthday to you!!! What a great list. I have never thought to reflect upon something like that - and I think it was a fantastic thing to do! I agree with Jingle - good french fries are a must (especially with lots of ketchup!). :) Theresa

    5. Happy Birthday ~ love your list!

    6. Happy Birthday -- I love your list, too! Thank you very so much for a lovely post...

    7. Happy birthday! I know what you mean about mortality, I have the same thoughts, especially since I'll be 81 when my baby is my age now. ACK!

      Hoe you had a great day, full of passion!

    8. Happy birthday! (Hey, it's still your birthday as long as the birthday post is at the top of your blog!)

    9. Ronnica, if I thought that would really work I would keep this post on top of my blog for the rest of the month! Thanks for the good wishes!

    10. My husband's two years younger than me too! Wild. Hope you had a great day.

    11. I work with a lady who shares some of your passions. She's gotten all kinds of awards for her work with the recyclers of garbage in Cairo, Egypt. They actually recycle almost 90% of what they collect. I wrote about the zabbaleen as they're called in a post. ( anyway, we all need to be passionate about something.

    12. Happy belated birthday!

      I am stopping by from SITS because I *had* to find out what you were passionate about :) Loved the list.


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