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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Everyday Bliss Guest Post ~ Whimsy ~ a brightly colored kaleidoscope of endless possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

WHIMSY - extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression; an odd or fanciful notion. [Whimsy week begins here. Read on or click here for some Bliss Initiatives to increase your experience of Whimsy]

This beautiful post comes to you from Theresa over at Faerie Moon Creations. I'm certain you will enjoy her inspiring tale of Whimsy. After you have read this delightful tale do visit her ETSY Shop for all of her inspired creations.  I really don't think I could have found anyone better to guest blog on this, one of my favorite Bliss Virtues. ENJOY! 

Come with me and you'll be
in a world of pure imagination!
Take a look and you'll see
Into your imagination.

We'll begin with a spin
Traveling in the world of my creation.
What we'll see will defy explanation.

If you want to view paradise,
Simply look around and view it.
Anything you want to, do it.
Want to change the world?
There's nothing to it!

There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination.
Living there you'll be free
If you truly wish to be.

Many of you will recognize this delightful song from original film version of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Imagination. Pure imagination. Wishes. Dreams. Creation. Just some of the essential elements that succinctly define the topic that I am sharing with you today...whimsy.

Ah...whimsy. Quite possibly my favorite of all the 13 Bliss Initiatives! To me, whimsy is viewing the world as Willie Wonka sees it – a brightly colored kaleidoscope of endless possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. Everyone has probably lived a life of whimsy as a child. We held lavish tea parties with the prettiest of our plastic china patterns for our elegantly dressed dolls, stuffed bears and imaginary friends. We played for hours outside in the snow making snow angels and snow forts. In the summertime, we'd pick daisies and make daisy chains, or hold buttercups up to our chins to see the reflection of the sun.

Whimsy doesn't have to end in childhood. Deep down inside us all, there is an eternal wellspring of imagination and dreams and creation just waiting to emerge from its slumber! Living a life of whimsy is remembering to have fun and indulge all your imaginative senses even in the smallest of ways.

Sometimes, as adults, we forget that we can still be playful while in the midst of dealing with mortgage payments, utility bills, traffic jams, and household chores. There are days when you aren't feeling your best, or you fight with your spouse or your children. Perhaps you are having a bad day at work. It's at those times that you most need to stop and refocus.

I made a difficult decision last year to leave my full-time job to explore creative endeavors. My life had become stagnant, and I was very close to losing that whimsical part of me. Faerie Moon Creations has reignited my ability to dream and imagine. Everything I create stems from my personal interests and passions – splashed with a liberal dose of whimsy and playfulness.

There are days, though, when I forget my passion. And it is then that I need to sit back, take a deep breath, and indulge my inner whimsy. I'll dream of enchanted kingdoms with talking owls and butterfly queens, with gigantic castles and green rolling hills-gallant and dashing knights and fair maidens in fabulous gowns. Ah to dream! Here is a sample of real life things that I like to do to invigorate my whimsy! Just a little bit. Every day, here and there. Maybe you'd like to give one or two of them a try, too.

  • Create special songs for your pets or children (or both)! I love singing to my dogs. I created special little songs for each of them and sing them (often poorly) each day. Even though they can't tell me, I know they understand me! And your children may initially be embarrassed by your singing, but they will come to cherish it always. To this day, my mother still sings to me each and every year on my birthday. And it truly makes my day!

  • Re-read your favorite children's book...entirely for pleasure - for yourself or share it with your children. I love children's literature. Some of my favorites include Alice in Wonderland, Where the Wild Things Are, The Lorax, Bread and Jam for Frances. Remember what you found enchanting about them to begin with and allow that to fill you as you read it again. If there's truly something that will ignite your imagination, it's children's literature!

  • The next time you go for a nature hike or beach walk, seek out the extraordinary! Look for faerie holes in every knotted tree that you see. Search for wee faeries who might be spying on you from behind leaves along the forest floor! Pick up discarded shells along the beach that mermaids have left behind for you.

  • Blow dandelion seeds into the wind – and don't forget to make a wish! You never know, it might come true! Even if you are in a steady relationship, pick a daisy and pluck its petals one-by-one (He loves me, he loves me not...with the end result, of course, being he loves me!).

  • Go for a walk during the first real snow of the season. Lift your face to the sky and feel the tingling sensation as the flakes melt instantly on your warm skin. Stick out your tongue and taste the snow flakes as they're falling! And don't forget to run inside and grab a dish, scoop up a bunch of snow and pour maple syrup over it. Sugar on snow! Yum!

  • Dress up for Halloween-just because! I love dressing up for Halloween. Although I have no children of my own, I still find immense pleasure in playing “dress up” and pretending to be a princess or a good witch or even a faerie. Stay dressed the whole day. Trust me, it will make you smile – and make others smile, too.

  • Attend a Renaissance Faire or Shakespeare Festival! Each state usually holds one or the other, or even both, during the warmer months. Dress up when you go and drink in the merriment as the actors draw you into their fanciful world of yesteryear.

  • Write a poem or draw a picture! It doesn't have to be fantastic-just let your imagination run wild. Stretch your creative abilities! Maybe even sign up for an art class online! I'm doing that now, and I'm so happy that I did. I'm learning new techniques and creating whimsical and pretty items for my home.

  • Watch an animated film-with or without your children. It can be a classic like Snow White or a contemporary masterpiece like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Up. Some of my favorite films of all time are animated. I imagine myself being transported to these remarkable fantasy worlds.

Thank you so much for allowing me to whisk you away to a world of pure imagination! I hope that something here might resonate with you. I'd like to share with you some magical and whimsical sites I really enjoy visiting. And just remember to take a little time – each and every day - to enjoy the whimsy!  ~ Theresa

Thank you again for a delightful post Theresa. Dear readers, if you haven't already done so, I highly recommend a stop over at Theresa's blog and her Etsy Shop for more inspiring whimsy!

Next Post: Whimsical surprises

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  1. What a wonderful post, Theresa!! I sometimes get too serious and this is just a great reminder of how to keep whimsy in my life!! And thanks for introducing me to this blog... Love, Silke

  2. A wonderfully inspiring post, Theresa! Like Silke, I too often get bogged down in all the nitty-grittiness of life and so easily let go of the magic and inner-whimsy that so fires and refreshes my very soul. Without it I'm just a damp rag!! Thank you so much for the reminder and for sharing too.
    Hugs Jo x

  3. What a beautiful and inspiring post! I realized, reading this, that I don't allow myself to enjoy whimsy nearly enough. Thanks for the reminder and the great suggestions, Theresa!

  4. I love the way Gene Wilder sang that song.

    thanks for the whimsy inspirations!

  5. Fantastic post! I was drawn into this fantastic feeling of whimsy and light right from the start. Love the song, love the visuals, and helpful reminders. Wonderful!!

  6. Thank you so much for the reminder Theresa. We get so wrapped up in the every day that we forget to play and have fun.
    This was a perfect post for me today. Thank you again for taking the time to share your techniques and ideas.
    Have a whimsical day!

  7. Theresa--never doubt yourself--you inpired me as I read your post. Thank you for reminding us all to never lose the whimsy in life!

  8. What a great, inspiring post. Thanks Theresa! And by the way, we sing to our dogs too. We even do Doggie Cheers with the girls.

  9. How lovely! This was a great post. I love whimsy and and grateful to my kids for helping me keep it in my life.

  10. What a lovely post ... but then, those of us who know Theresa have come to expect nothing less. She is talent, kindness, and enthusiasm all rolled up in one.

    Thanks for featuring her .. it was wonderful!

  11. This post made me smile. How can you not smile at the whimsical?

    Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

  12. What a delightful post! I loved every word. I need to "indulge my inner whimsy" a bit more than I've been doing. I'm watching Stuart Little tomorrow! xoxo Paulette

  13. What an inspiring and bring me back to my childhood post! Great job Theresa!

  14. ah Theresa,
    This is such a lovely post and completely inspiring!
    You have suggestions that can bring to life whimsy. And then imagine my surprise when you mentioned what I share. My heart bows to you. Thank you xo.

    Kathy it is lovely to be introduced to you and your blog. I love the idea of your 13 virtues of bliss!

  15. Pure Imagination is one of my favorite songs EVER!!! The video is on my blog somewhere...I posted it awhile back because it makes me SOO happy! This is a wonderful post!

  16. Oh Theresa I am so sorry I'm just getting to this - how WONDERFUL!! I have the song still going through my head and am so thrilled to have this be the one with which I sing myself to sleep. :)

    The suggestions are just..., well..., Blissful! Whimsy is one of my faves as well - what better way to live one's life?

    Kathy and Theresa - a wonderful exploration of joyous living. Yay!

  17. What a wonderful post and oh, so true. Actually I think we need whimsy more as an adult then a child. It takes whimsy to handle the stresses of life. They keep us from going under. Thank you for your wonderful post sweetie xoxoxo Clarice


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