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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Housekeeping and Hard Core Bloggy Accountability!

ORDER - Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time. [Order week begins here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

I've already written about how my Sweetie doesn't like it when I get too personal here on the blog so it is possible I am crossing a line. I certainly don't want to upset him but something must be done! Since nothing else has gotten me to do anything it is time for a dose of public shame! So here we go:

This is my pantry. Can you see why cooking is difficult and lengthy project? Yeah me too. I really can't find anything in here. I'm sure I've bought duplicates of many items just because I can't find anything. 

This is my garage. AKA the "dumping zone" for anything that doesn't have a home. We are planning on finishing the walls and putting shelves and cabinets in for storage but now we can't even get to the walls!

Ahh, the sting of public humiliation is just the ticket! My pledge to you my bloggy friends. These are BEFORE pictures and no longer ALWAYS pictures. I will post the AFTER shots by the end of the week. For those friends attending J's fairy birthday party Saturday please feel free to check up on me by opening doors and taking a peek at my progress. Ahh the threat of more humiliation... I might actually get my tush in gear now. Sorry for the public airing of dirty laundry Sweetie (there is actually some laundry in that garage photo, how perfect!) but desperate times call for desperate measures!!

In other housekeeping news. Over this past weekend I posted some "new and exciting" (at least to me LOL) things about the Everyday Bliss blog. I foolishly sent it out on the Saturday of a holiday weekend so I don't think many of you actually saw it and those who did were very silent on the matter so I thought I'd mention it again today (go here to read the entire post.) If you read this blog in facebook or a reader some of the features might not work properly so please click the original post link if you are interested in seeing what I'm talking about!

Basically I've added a feature (will appear at the bottom of each post) for linking  to other posts about the weekly topic. Unlike weekly memes these links will not be discontinued after each week. I thought it would be interesting to start gathering some of our collective knowledge on the topics. Each virtue week I hope to collect additional links to add to the virtue library. If you wrote an appropriate post last week or last year please consider adding the link. 

By way of example, it should be pretty clear that ORDER is not my strongest topic! Most of you have probably been far more successful and perhaps some of you have had trouble too. It would be really fun and interesting to hear some other perspectives. If you want to use my weekly topics as a sort of meme for each week that is an idea too. Bottom line I'm interested in providing a place to share our collective knowledge on my virtue topics and I would be honored if you joined the fun!

Speaking of fun... it is time to open those pantry doors... wish me luck!

Next Post: Something neat and tidy!

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  1. Ah! I have been my pantry look like this LOTS of times. And yes, I have bought duplicate items - and I have been chastised by the hubby on this. Sometimes I might end up with four jars of kalamata olives (for one recipe) because I forgot that I already had some! LOL Thank goodness, we LOVE olives! LOL I am getting better...a little bit. ;) Theresa

  2. You know what...that pantry is totally doable! I know it seems overwhelming but I have an urge to just do it right now! LOL! I bet you could tackle that entire project in an hour or two!!!

  3. LOVE it! This is totally what I should do to hold myself accountable. I am SO glad to see someone else has the same looking garage that we do! (Our pantry is HUGE, fortunately, so things just kinda get tossed in.)

    I KNOW you can do it - we're all out here cheering you on. (Rah Rah Rah!) See? :)

  4. Cheers must have worked... the pantry is done! I'm off to the garage now!
    Thanks so much guys!

  5. Oh dear, oh dear, you've been in my if only I'd known you were coming to take photos for this post I'd have tidied up a bit!
    But that is definately someone else'd garage! You want to know how I can be so sure? Because we don't have a garage!!

  6. That is so my house! And such a good feeling when it's uncluttered...keeping it that way is my struggle! Congrats on the pantry!

  7. The first step in overcoming disorder is deciding to do something about it. If humiliating yourself helps you make that decision, great! Personally, I would have tried to find a less painful way ;) Now, make a plan and give yourself a deadline. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Baby steps. You'll be showing off that pantry and garage in no time!


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