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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kid Creativity: My girl and I get Creative!!

CREATIVITY - The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc. [Creativity week begins here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

Following J's fabulous fairy party she and we (mom and dad have it too - yuck!) have come down with colds. It has been rainy in usually sunny California too so this has meant staying in the house the past two days. It has turned out to be a perfect chance for us to explore some of the fabulous kid crafts and get our creativity groove on. I was telling Lisa over at LifeUnity that we went from having fairy wings and fairy dust all over the house to glue and feathers. We have made a huge mess but we are having a fun time and it seems to be a fairly good distraction from the cold. 

The girl with some paper plate chickens we made.

My friend Katherine is a crafty mommy who has put together a whole curriculum (home schoolers should check out all of her homeschool activities) of creative projects for her daughters. R is almost four and P is not yet one and if you peruse her fabulous blog you will find age appropriate fun for the entire pre-school set. One Inch World  is "Weekly craft posts about tiny things and things for tiny people" and she provides excellent tutorials on how to do everything. You get to see R grow up and become  skilled crafter like her mommy as you poke through her blog files.

Katherine is particularly a fan of felt play food look at these good enough to eat items:

I would never have considered making things like this before but Katherine's tutorials make it look possible even for a sewing/crafty novice like myself! Check them out and I think you'll be surprised too!

I have not been collecting juice tops as Katherine did with this project but it did give me an idea for making sewing cards out of other leftover stuff. Jessie had fun "sewing" a paper towel tube and various different boxes before trying to pour water through them to make a fountain!

One of Katherine's references on her site is the website called  The Crafty Crow. If you have kids and haven't been here you are really missing out on a treasure trove of fun ideas. The creative ideas are grouped by age appropriateness as well as themes so it is easy to find a project. Today, hopefully our last housebound one, we will try to make A host of daffodill crafts

And this delightful Rainbow of Birds mobile found over at We Bloom Here... after our paper plate chickens I think we can move to more delicate fowl!

Today we are also poised for phase two of our Tinker project (Tinkerbell is a Tinker so doing Tinkery things is ALWAYS of interest to J) making a "kettle." In this case our kettle is an old milk jug but we have found a beautiful and fun use for leftover party streamers.

So there you have it... a little glimpse into a creative sick day at our house! Tissues and fevers aside it is actually a pretty fun time!

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  1. How totally cute! I will definitely have to check out Katherine's site. And sneezes aside, everything looks absolutely fun at your home. :)

  2. Creating with kids is SO much fun!!!!


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