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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting my MOJO back! A "Spring Cleaning" Everyday Bliss Guest Post

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I have been enjoying all of your responses to my disaster area photos. Some of you have called me brave and a few seem to think it wasn't very good of me to publicly share my slothfulness but I'm here to report doing so was just the kick in the tush I needed. As I write this that pantry is complete and I can actually walk in my garage! The garage isn't ready for a Better Homes & Garden magazine spread (yet!) but I'm moving in the right direction.  

It really feels great. I really didn't realize just how much my mess was bringing me down. I kept the doors closed and pretended it wasn't a problem but now that I have attacked, like my lovely guest blogger for the day, I have my MOJO back!

Spring Cleaning
I have been painfully wading through a big project over the last few days and I finally figured out why my mojo was so off.

See this?
For Blog 002
For Blog 001
You see, that is my desk.  What you can’t see (because I didn’t want you to see and since this is my blog, you only get to see what I let you see and that’s the way I like it) is the pollen and dirt covered dog underneath the chair that really sets off the air of professionalism I preach with such gusto.  You can see, however, the stacks of stuff.  I admit it, I am a Stacker. I get it from my mother.

As a part of this project I’m working on, I wrote a piece on maintaining your workspace.  “Your personal space is viewed as an extension of how you work,” I wrote. “If your desk is cluttered with papers, trash and files, people will assume you are unorganized in your approach to your job as well.”

What do I know? Don’t listen to me. 

So, I took the bull by the horns and spruced up.  I turned on Zac Brown, I threw away, I filed, I put things in their place, I ran the dog out of the room, and voila!
For Blog 010
The etiquette lady is back in business!

Here’s the deal:  tidy up your space and feel your mojo kick in.  And, add the little touches that speak to you, that inspire and energize you.  See that pitcher sitting on my desk?  That’s water with sliced lime floating on top.  It makes me feel good, so I think I’ll keep it there.  And, when I feel good, I’m more productive.  And, when I’m more productive, I’m nicer and my business runs like the well-oiled machine I need it to be.

Cleaning off my desk isn’t a big thing to do, but it worked. 

Kate Lewis
Kate T Lewis Consulting
Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol

So what about you? Has the concentration on order spurred any tidying tendencies over at your house? As Kate points out it doesn't have to be a big thing... a desk, a small drawer, or in my case a pantry is all that is needed to get some mojo back. What are you going to do today get yours?

Next Post: Letting each part of life have its time!

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  1. I need to listen to you. I REALLY do. I'm just a bit overwhelmed on the time front and I would rather make stuff than clean, but my studio is a wreck so it makes it harder to make stuff! It's such a circle of misery!

  2. I just finished cleaning the living room. I feel so light!

  3. Organizational mojo, what a neat concept! I have a blog/site called that explores what living and working with mojo is all about for women. It's on ongoing exploration not just a year long project, that explores many facets --health/fitness, style/beauty, career, and even organizational mojo, leadership and team mojo. Feel free to stop by. I'd appreciate your feedback as we're about to launch a new design/site.

    Charleen T

  4. I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
    Take a minute an check my blog out
    I have lots of great giveaways going on.
    Thanks :)

  5. I love stuff kept all neat and organized!!! And if it's all in pretty matchy-matchy bins and baskets? So much the better!!!

  6. I love seeing that we all climb the same mountaing when it comes to organization! Misery loves company!
    Thanks for reading my post!



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