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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flash Inspiration is back!!

WHIMSY - extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression; an odd or fanciful notion. [Whimsy week begins here. Read this delightful guest post or click here for some Bliss Initiatives to increase your experience of Whimsy]

I mentioned that I would be doing "flash inspiration" searches, whimsical followed by fill in the blank in google images, and today it is time to get back to it! This is a really terrific way to get the whimsy flowing. Do you like to design jewelry? Then you might like to try this one:

My search Whimsical Bracelets netted these results:

By Original Woman - celebrating the artistry of human nature
Nicknamed the corsage bracelet, this whimsical bracelet is made from a combination of vintage and new beads accented with ribbon. This whimsically offbeat jewelry collection artfully combines old and new to create a unique, thoroughly modern yet vintage flavored confection. Fun to wear alone or in multiples, these bracelets will add whimsy to any outfit.

 DRESS ME UP CUFF – fabricated sterling silver with silk ribbon accent, $85 – by Nina Gibson Designs
CHERRY BRANCH CUFF – mix of high polish and oxidized silver flowers with copper verdigris leaf accent, $55 – Jorgensen Studio

For my doll making friends I thought the search Whimsical Dolls would be interesting... you tell me, anything strike a chord with you?

By KazeKidz ~ Dolls by Kaye Wiggs 

Her name is Nettle 

Knobbies by Annie Dolls
A whimsical departure for me, the Knobbies, while sharing the same pattern I designed, are each one-of-a-kind and have very individual personalities. They are clothed in wonderful fabrics, have outrageously styled hair, and each has a hand painted face. Each Knobbie holds or carries something meaningful to her! Sometimes a Knobbie is attached to her best friend, and occasionally 3, 4, or 5 Knobbies are all sewn together.

Eveningbag Fairy
This is an Eveningbag Fairy! The base of her body was carefully crafted from my grandma Cookie's eveningbag collection. A leopard print, powder puff hat with black fur trim & pink bow, sits atop her pink hair. Her black, ribbon wrapped arm is bent, up to her face, as if she is flirtingly laughing at someone. Her black, ribbon wrapped legs are crossed, like a little lady should! She is wearing some taupe colored heels with black fur trim that perfectly coordinate with her outfit.

Then I decided to ask J what she wanted me to look for on the computer and she said "Birds." OK she was watching Peep and the Big Wide World at the time and it is a tale of three birds so perhaps the idea is less then original but nevertheless netted some fun results:

Yardbirds® by Rich Kolb
Yardbird Bird: Peacock - Small "Chubby Nut" 
When people ask Rich Kolb about his creations, he smiles and says, 
"The things in life that bring us the most joy are those which are fun and unexpected, not the mere necessities."
These whimsical feathered friends are sure to encourage some smiles!
It is pretty simple: Yardbirds® are really just about happiness.

Sculptural Works by Jerry Hallan

This whimsical bird was assembled using hot melt adhesive, solid polyurethane foam and shavings of pine, mahogany,African hardwoods and wormy driftwood. The bird's eye is an ammonite fossil and its claws are made from sea shells

And look at this really beautiful "whimsical birds" paper:

Found at "Oh So Beautiful Paper"(Which is a fabulous blog by the way!)

Gorgeous 100% Recycled Gift Wrap by Whimsy Press
These stylish wraps always make a strong first impression - with very little impact on Mother Earth. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and printed on 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks. 

And finally, just because they are so darling:

From Gifts Define Creativity Blog (An amazing inspiring whimsy stop!)

"Winter theme" wedding favors for happy sweet couple J & M ~ with their 'faith' and 'love' messages favors for their guests (which we're still working on, stitching those beads onto the birdies). They love to have clean, chic colors wedding, from pastel blue, mint, green, and of course the bride will have calla lilies bouquet...

Whimsical cookies, whimsical music, whimsical giraffe, whimsical what? It is a total blast!  If you want to see even more of my whimsical searches from past Whimsy weeks check out these posts:

And the search could go on and on... go on try it yourself! 

And let me know of any good finds! 

Next Post: Whimsy initiative check up!

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  1. Hi Kathy! What AMAZING finds - they are indeed truly whimsical. :) Loved each and every one! Theresa

  2. These are such wonderful and whimsical 'finds'...I don't like to pick I'll just say that I love them all:)

  3. Oh, the dolls are amazing! I love Nettle!!!! LOVE!!!!!!


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