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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Passionate Energy – the Fuel of the Soul

PASSION - a fervent or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything; experience of strong love or sexual desire. [Passion week starts here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

Continuing on my trend to find new and interesting guest bloggers to fuel our inspiration, I am delighted to have Denise Lescano share her thoughts on Passion.  Denise is a medium and psychic  who's work has been featured in Jose Varga's Visits from Heaven.  I was intrigued by several of her tweets about passion so I asked if she would be interested in contributing to Everyday Bliss.  She was nice enough to say yes!

Passionate Energy – the Fuel of the Soul

By Denise Lescano, Copyright Denise Lescano 2010, 
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“Whatever you do with your life do it with Passion. Without Passion the soul withers, the heart closes and Life becomes lifeless. Passion is the fuel of the soul and the seed of LOVE -Find and Follow your Passion!” –Denise Lescano

What is passion? Passion is a strong conviction, attraction or feeling towards a person, idea, belief or cause. It is one of the strongest and most motivating energies on earth. Passion is the motivating factor behind feelings of emotions like love, anger and fear. It adds intensity and strength to the emotion it is supporting. Typically, many people when they hear the word passion will first think of passion as love. However, passion can also be expressed in anger, hatred and fear for example. In my view, passion is a strong motivating energy that is also very transformative. After an encounter with passion in any form, our perception of the world around us suddenly appears quite different. It is an energy that cannot be controlled or repressed, as if it is tried, it will only re-emerge again in another form of emotion. It can, however, be harnessed and channeled in very effective ways if one has enough self discipline and self awareness to do so. One thing is for sure, whatever or whoever is propelled by the energy of passion has the capacity to do great things for good or for ill.

Throughout the ages, people have been inspired to do great and noble things from their passion. By the same token, people have been equally driven to do destructive and heinous things by their feelings of passion for a person or a cause. Passion by its self, is neither good nor bad; constructive or destructive. It is merely the fuel that pushes an intention forward, whether the cause is just or delusional.

Passion is what motivates us to action. Whether is it be a cause we are passionately angry about, an activity we passionately enjoy or a person we are passionately in love with; passion is what motivates us to pursue a person, promote a cause or attain mastery of our favorite activity. Whatever you do in life, if your passionate energy is behind it, your chances for success and reaching your goal will be much greater.

Passion is also very closely connected to purpose. If we can find and identify our passions we can find our purpose here in this life. Once we figure out what we are passionate about, we can then choose to build our life around our passion and in turn find our “right-livelihood and/or our purpose.” For some of us our passion may turn in to a career or a life path, and for others it may be just one element that compliments a rich and fulfilling life. We can have a passion for writing, collecting art, having a family, a lover, a rock band or saving animals. Passion is experienced and expressed in as many ways as we are all individual and unique.

Passion can also burst into our life unexpectedly, through forces beyond our control and via circumstances for which we did not initiate or forsee coming. Passionate energy is the Universe’s or God’s transformational lightening rod if you will. Sometimes we can get stuck in a place in our lives where we may have become comfortably apathetic or afraid of change, stuck in rigid ways or outdated beliefs. These are often the times in life where we are struck by a blast of cosmic lightening that may come in the form of passion. It’s a form of cosmic emergency- motivation for a move to action of some sort. For example: a woman in a long dead and unfulfilling marriage may suddenly and unexpectedly meet a lover. The passion they share, encourages and motivates her to finally move on from an unhappy or unhealthy situation. The lover acting as the lightening rod, typically will not last, but only comes in to play for the transition and to initiate transformation before he eventually moves on. In the meantime, the woman has broken through a stuck place in her life and personal development and is now on a new road to self discovery and enrichment. On the flip side of this equation, a man for example, may have a good marriage and family but, be unfulfilled in another area of his life like his work. A passionate young woman comes along, causing him to feel alive and energized again by their passionate connection, and he mistakenly believes he should leave his wife to be with her. Once the passion fades he may realize he has made a mistake by leaving his family and that he has confused his passion for the young woman as his new purpose and path in life. Once the short lived relationship ends, he may discover that what he really needed was to make some changes in his life and career to find and reconnect with his own passion. This makes for many a midlife crisis scenario.

Passion is often just a muse, the messenger of the universe, who inspires in us… a new song.

So, with that said passion can be a very tricky and confusing energy and emotion. We often times feel we are doing the right thing because we feel passionate about it, when indeed we may be making a big - passionate mistake! The challenge with passion, is that we can be swept away by it, over powered by it and lose all of our objectivity and rational when under the influence of it. Passion is not rational and logical it exists in the emotional level of consciousness.

Passion also can be like a drug we crave, like an uncontrollable attraction to a destructive person/relationship we have become addicted too. It can also inspire us to step outside the box and solve big problems, create great works of art and inspire us to woo and win the person we love.

We cannot manipulate or control passion because it is a very powerful energy that is beyond the power of mere mortals to control. It is an over the top type of energy, all consuming and often times not instep with reason. With self awareness, we can learn to effectively ‘harness’ the power of passion and use it to advance our plans and power our vehicle, to create and manifest the life we desire. The key to harnessing the power of passion is - balance. Only the individual who has achieved a level of “inner-balance” will be successful at putting this energy to good use. If a person has any imbalances or shortcomings that need to be addressed, passion will surely bring those issues to the light of day.

A word of warning when seeking to use the powerful energy of passion to advance your cause and plans; passion without balance leads to addiction and self destructive behaviors and will ultimately sabotage and undermine your efforts. So, use passionate energy wisely. You must know yourself well, your strengths and weaknesses and actively seek to pursue inner-balance. However, for someone who is grounded in their purpose and operating from a place of inner balance, passion will carry their plans forward with acceleration and fortitude. Passionate energy is a universal attractant, a cosmic magnetic field…so think long and hard about what you want to attract and why, because if you are passionate about it you are most likely to get it!  


How are you using Passionate Energy?

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My 13 bliss virtues are 
joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, 
romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, and surprise.

This week we are exploring  Passion. 
Next week is all about Whimsy

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  1. I do everything full-throttle! You could say I am "filled" with passion. When I dive into something, I really and truly put my all into it. I am stubborn and determined and don't like to fail. I'm passionate about my creations and my family and my pups. I wish I had 48 hours in a day to channel all this passion. LOL Bravo to Denise for a wonderful post here! Theresa :)


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