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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whimsy Study

WHIMSY - extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression; an odd or fanciful notion. [Whimsy week starts here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.] 

My whimsy ways have been falling a bit flat this time around. Perhaps I'll blame the rain. It has been raining for days and Jessie and I have been trapped inside "like rats" (Jessie enjoys saying "trapped like rats!") and have been exhausting all of our craft supplies. We even resorted to sorting through toys yesterday and Jessie helped to make a box "for itty bitty babies" since she is getting to be such a big girl. She was awesome and happily and easily put things in the box she no longer needed. I was very impressed. She knew exactly what she wanted to keep and it was the stuff she still uses. I had thought to do this task when she wasn't looking for fear that she wouldn't want to part with anything. Oh yeah, that is my affliction not Jessie's.

Anyway, back to whimsy! As you know I had a disappointing outing with a book I was hoping would inspire so I decided to get back to my roots and revisit some of my favorite whimsical blogs. Actually re-visit isn't exactly the right word since I read all of these blogs regularly but what is new is my sharing them here with you. These three gals really have Whimsy down and have integrated it into their lives in a wonderful and wacky way. Please enjoy.
  • First up is a blog called Living A Beautiful Life which is written by VDO Princess aka Laura Dye. She has enjoyable quirky things to share about her life and on Wednesday's she shares whimsical tidbits she has found all over the web. I really enjoy her selections and hope you do too! This is her complete post from yesterday:
wednesday wonderfulness, I'm getting caught up edition
I have internets on my computer now, so this should be a BUMPER CROP OF AWESOME. (BCOA? sounds like a disease.)
  1. improv everywhere: no pants subway ride! this video is hilarious.
  2. I love this idea: the moments of win photograph society.
  3. mmm. the shoe picture. love.
  4. office inspiration.
  5. super-fierce designers studio space
  6. how to keep warm
  7. mmm. lovely movie stills. also: two of my favorite actresses in one photo? heck yes!
  8. free online courses for lovers of books? um, I'm so in.
  9. what people REALLY mean when they say they can't afford it.
  10. domestic sluttery = awesome. (via deanna raybourn)
  11. um, I need to make one of these.
  12. yet another friend is expecting, and I love the mommie paperdoll she created.
  13. a cs lewis tattoo that is also awesome. If I weren't stopping on the ink for a while, I'd be tempted to get that on my other hip. It is my favorite part in that book.
  14. awesome: mens style predictions for 2010. I concur with them all, sadly.
    Well, for now I'm done. I think I'll have much more awesome later.
    • The next blog is WhiMSy love by Nikki Mans who says "The name "WhiMSy love" simply refers to the fact that some days I'm a wacky goofball ("WhiMSy") & other days I'm very girly romantic ("love")." Nikki is amazing. She is a master crafter, business woman, mom and she manages to put her wacky, whimsical spin on everything she does. In a recent post she mentions that she has a friend coming for a visit and laments that the basement re-do she wanted to do did not happen so her friend was going to have to stay on a blow-up mattress for the visit. Instead of leaving it at that she made up an entire cardboard bedroom suite -- how fabulous is that? Read the entire post about this here and stop by her blog anytime for some WhiMsy love.

    • My final blog in my mini study of whimsy is called Just Jingle. Written/created by a young girl just 30 years old. She kind of reminds me of what I might have been like if I had a blog at her age. She creates some fabulous paper crafts and says things like "for reals" and "just say'n" all the time which cracks me up and maybe helps me not feel quite so old. Her Whimsy is infectious. Catch some now (Click on photo to see post about each project.)

    Next Post: My Whimsy project!

    My 13 bliss virtues: joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, surprise


    1. awwww, thanks for sharing my post! I love the idea of looking for bliss in everyday life: so glad I found you.

    2. Wow! Thank you so amazingly much! This post just made me smile so amazingly HUGE! I might even be blushing just a little bit. Just say'n! THANK YOU! This is a truly sweet and wonderful thing and you have totally made my day!

    3. I'm so out of date on blogs, but I checked in on yours today, and while most of my current blogs seem to exist in a self referential cloud, three clicks and three blogs away from yours I was somewhere completely different than normal! I felt a bit like a tourist, wow, the buildings around here look really different!


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