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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Visual Serenity Part two!

SERENITY - the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; composure, peacefulness, peace. [Serenity week begins here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

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I'm calling this "part two" because I had a post of this name last serenity week.  We've all heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words,"  well in the case of serenity I'd have to say a picture is worth a thousand silences. No matter how busy, frenetic or otherwise crazed I am in any given moment, the right image can slow me right down. If it is only for a moment it still makes a diference. The ones that make me pause a little longer... well they are treasures!

As I was busily blog hopping in the One World One Heart Giveaway a couple of photos caught me by surprise. I lingered. I enjoyed. I hope you do too!

The photo above is from the header on Kathleen's blog 
Four Miles North of Nowhere.
She says the sunbeams through the tree are her gift on early mornings. 
If I could see this EVERY morning I would become a morning person!

This photo was taken on Jekyll Island by Lavender Dreamer. 
Visit her blog Lavender Dreams for more beautiful photos from her recent trip.  Growing up an east coast gal made this a very welcoming photo for me.  I have never been to Jekyll Island but it or one of its eastern beach cousins is calling for a visit!

Next Post: A Serenity Meander

My 13 bliss virtues: joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, surprise


  1. Hi Kathy,

    It absolutely makes my day that my photo moved you enough that you wanted to share it. Thank you!

    And I had fun wandering around your blog. Loved it. I'll be back again.


  2. hi kathy sprinkle, with a name like that one must say the whole thing. i'm so happy you found the bunnies and me. i read a little bit about your mission and i'm curios if my blog was somewhere on that trail? i will definitely be back feeling a similar cloth cut here. i'd follorw yours but i don't see the follow button. i will aslo add a link to your blog on my blog list. thanks again for stopping by and please keep up the inspirations!

  3. Thanks for including my photo in your beautiful post! I mentioned your blog on mine today and put a link! I know everyone will want to visit you!


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