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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Visual Serenity Part three!

SERENITY - the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; composure, peacefulness, peace. [Serenity week begins here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

I've been collecting serene images since I started my project. There is something about a snapshot in time that calms me. Going out in Nature is fabulous however I find that I am generally distracted by everything that is going on when I am out there... this bird flying there, watching the trail, water flowing, keeping the girl from perilous harm etc. Even when I have a chance to pause and breathe in what is around me I am still "on guard" to a certain degree. Photos offer me a solace and calm that is just not available generally to me. Perhaps I am "wound too tight" and/or I need to learn how to relax more generally in life but nevertheless when I am in need of a personal time out photos are what do it for me.

I love how everything that has happened and will happen is suspended in a photo. Even images that depict things that are not at all serene have some qualities of calm when frozen in time. If I allow myself to imagine that I am in the precious moment depicted I feel an immediate ease of tension. Photos invite me to be in nows gone by but they also teach me how to be in my own present. I imagine God watches the world in this way allowing for the full beauty of every moment to be fully enjoyed and revelled. When ever I forget to do this myself, a photo can bring me back.

Today I offer you the following soothing moments of now:

Weeping Sunset by Elisa
(Note today happens to be her Birthday so do stop on 
by her Flicker spot and Wish her a Happy Happy Day!)

Water Lily by Robert Cowan
(My former boss turned EXCELLENT photographer.

Another mesmerizing vista in Heather, our Guest Blogger's back yard.
Her blog is packed with beautiful shots.

On Monday I shared my favorite "serenity photo" which is by Michael Dreese. I really should do an entire post showcasing more of his gorgeous work but instead I offer these two and direct you to his redbubble site.

Butterfly and Cone Flower by Michael Dreese

Spring Willows by Michael Dreese 

This is episode three in my Visual Serenity series.
Click here for Episode One and Episode Two.

Next Post: A Serenity List

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  1. Oh, how BEAUTIFUL!!! Most especially the water lily photo and, of course, the butterfly photo. They do help me feel more peaceful. :) Theresa

  2. Hello, my Blissful friend!
    Great post ... I have been thinking of this so much this week. My teenager daughter told me earlier this week that I need to calm down and relax. Now, I don't believe everything a 13-year-old tells me, but I think she hit it on the money this time. Thanks for giving me something to remember when I feel a freak-out coming on.;0)

  3. What beautiful pictures- I love the last one of the Willows. Trees amaze me- as you've probably guessed! They start so small but keep going!


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