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Monday, May 10, 2010

Inquiry week gets started with a little survey...

INQUIRY - a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge; study, scrutiny, exploration.

How fitting that Survey is another word for Inquiry since I thought I'd kick this week off with a a little reader survey. It is very short. Just 5 questions. It will likely take you less then a minute and it would make a great difference to me. Thank you so much!

When Inquiry week shows up, the first question I ask myself is "what is it that I would like to learn this week?" Inquiry is all about learning and the quest for knowledge. As a self proclaimed tourist here on planet earth, I spend a lot of time flitting about my various concerns and I  have been using Inquiry Week as a time to discover new interests. Frankly, there isn't enough time in a lifetime, let alone a week, for me to satisfy even a tiny portion of my current varied interests so it is positively comical to consider adding more! For this reason I am devoting this inquiry week to delving deeper into things with which I am already involved.

I am picking three areas for discovery as my access to exploring and encouraging INQUIRY. Inquiry week is about the process of learning something, anything new and it doesn't even matter if you succeed. My "Bliss Initiatives" this week are specific and personal things I am interested in learning about. You are welcome to come along on my ride, however, because my initiatives are so specific to my personal interests you may be better served by coming up with your own Inquiry Initiatives this week.

Here are a couple of questions to get you started:
1. If you were picking college courses today what would you study? Use the internet as your university and get started with your course today!
2. If you had 24 hours to learn one new thing or improve your knowledge about something you already enjoy what would it be? See how much you can learn in just 30 minutes a day and in less then two months you will have had those 24 hours!
3. What one thing have you been meaning to find out for the past month (How to set up on-line banking, how to monetize your blog,  find the best eggplant parmesan recipe... ?)  Go ahead and do it!
My "Bliss Initiatives" for the week are specific areas of interest I will be exploring. I have color coded in purple for quick identification.
  • Blogging and Improving Everyday Bliss - I plan on making this an interesting query into the world of blogging that both my blogging and non-blogging readers will find interesting. I'm interested in discovering blogging trends and possibly getting a handle on what the next generation of blogs will be like. If you have a blog, there hopefully will be insights and useful applications for your blog too! Part of my query will be focused on the improvement of Everyday Bliss so be prepared, I may in addition to the survey (did you take it yet?) I may ask for feedback!
  • Future Everyday Games - If you have ever clicked on the Play an Everyday Game tab at the top of the blog and read through my description (Have you? If so, I'd love to know what you think about the concept and the clarity of the information!) you would have learned that following the completion of THIS everyday game, I intend on starting another. I'm also considering keeping the Everyday Bliss Game going and possibly starting another at the same time. This week I will be considering possible virtues, initiatives for an "Everyday Green" game.
  • Integral Theory - I introduced this concept briefly during my first Inquiry week. I will be donning my geek cap and musing on some of the big questions about the world and how it all works. I have decided to spend some time this week with Ken Wilber. Not literally of course, but over at his Integral+Life  and web sites one can listen to his lectures and read a lot of his most recent work so it feels like you are spending time with him. If you are not familiar with Ken I think his integral approach to discovery is certainly something everyone could find useful. Some of his stuff can get pretty heady so if you are not quite up to that this week there is no need to follow me in this inquiry!. For those of you interested in getting to know Ken's work and world view I highly recommend A Brief History of Everything.  I have read it multiple times and have always come away wanting more and learning more. The Shambala Publications website describes A Brief History of Everything:

In a breathtaking trip from the Big Bang to the Postmodern world we inhabit, Ken Wilber examines the universe and our place in it—and comes up with an accessible and entertaining account of how it all fits together. Along the way he sheds light not only on the great cosmic questions but on various contentious issues of our day, such as environmental ethics, gender relations, multiculturalism, and even the meaning of the Internet. "A Brief History of Everything" is the perfect introduction to the great Integral thinker at his wise and witty best.

Oh and if you haven't done so already I would really love it if you took the survey:

Next Post: Some fascinating world wide blogging statistics

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1 comment:

  1. This is very interesting, as I've recently been taking steps to learn new things (as you've read about on my blog). I've finished one set of courses, and am fully immersed in the current series of classes. I'm actually learning more of what truly interests me, art-wise. And surprisingly enough, concepts are flowing quite quickly. :) When I was in college, they didn't offer classes such as these. The internet today provides us with such a wealth of opportunities that weren't available when we were younger. Theresa


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