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Friday, May 21, 2010

The post about my Facebook addiction

COMMUNITY - Sharing, participation, and fellowship. [Community week starts here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

This Speed Bump cartoon by Dave Coverly

I just couldn't let this community week go by without talking about Facebook. There are lots of folks out there that love it and just as many who hate it. I am in the former category. I would say that I am a "FAN" but for some odd reason Facebook has decided "FAN" is too strong a word so I am only able to "LIKE" them. Yes, Facebook has its foibles and all privacy concerns aside, it has been one of the best things in this transplanted, somewhat well traveled, nosy, late to motherhood, social butterfly's life.

I am truly addicted. Because of Facebook no era of my life has to die. I can kibitz with grade school and college buddies, reminisce with exchange students all over the globe, follow the inside jokes of former colleagues, be reminded of great restaurants and bars in many cities, track my relatives, get advice and share some fun with people I met when I was in diapers or even just this week.  Communities are kept alive because we can so easily participate together.

This Cartoon from HubSpot

I have to fess up.  I have even been known to get some news via Facebook. If a couple of my friends comment about a story then I need to know more. Even better if I hear of something happening in Boston I can check the validity with Maria who lives near by.  What happened in Texas? I have several friends there! Chicago snow storm, Volcanic ash over Ireland, Florida Hurricane... I can get real time information from all over the world instantly!

Facebook brings sad news as well as good. A favorite Latin teacher passes away, a former colleague has a heart attack (We are so glad to hear you are recovering quickly Bob!) a friend's spouse is ill. Jobs are lost and found. We hear about babies (Walter's updates on the twins are particularly fun!) I can share about my own. (Funny things my girl says is a regular feature over there.) The stuff of life happens there in quick little tidbits. Just perfect for my busy life.

"Facebook Hangover" by Mark Stivers

Since starting my blog I've been able to curb my obsessive compulsive status update checks and I haven't spent nearly the time I used to spend over there but I love that no matter the hour it is waiting for me. I can jump in on Joanie's "Where you at Wednesday" game or check to see if my niece is still in love with the cute boy I met last time I was out there.  If I need mommy advice a bevy of local friends and my Over 35 mom's club (ok I know I'm even older but if we started at 45 the group would be really little!) are quick with answers. Facebook is just there waiting for me to start a conversation, join or just follow one. Just knowing my 550+ friends are out there makes me feel like I am still part of the communities that make up my life.

Do you Facebook too? What do you love/hate about it? Does it make your communities stronger?

Next Post - Some community business

My 13 bliss virtues are joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, and surprise.

This week we are studying Community. Next up is Romance Week


  1. I love how it has the potential to connect people.

    I hate how it trivializes friendships down to bits and bytes and likes.

  2. I have an account but seldom check it. No really close friends there, and my acquaintances only occasionally post things that interest me. I think it's partly because I've turned so much of my energy toward my grandkids.

    I do have addictions, though--blogging and computer games!

  3. I have a Facebook account, but rarely use it!

    I'm stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

  4. I just tried to find you on FB. Do you know how many Kathy Sprinkles there are out there?

  5. Great post. My hubby's not on Facebook and thinks that anybody on it is 'sad' to say the least. I think it's been an awesome way of tracking people down and connecting with people especially those abroad. On the other hand, there are some people I wish had NEVER tracked me down via FB. I have over 100 wannabe 'friends' trying to link up with me that I'm just ignoring. I don't have the time to keep up with it, and my blog, and my babies, and my life! But I do try - it's essential especially for networking.

  6. Totally addicted to facebook myself! Love your blog. Visiting from The Lady Blogger's Tea Party!

  7. I find myself wondering what the hell I did with my spare time before I started using facebook. lol

    Dropping by form The Lady Bloggers

  8. Facebook drives me crazy sometimes, but I definitely use it and (mostly) like it. If nothing else, it's a great way to stay in touch with all my friends and family on the other side of the world. (Great cartoons, by the way!)

    Stopping by from SITS!

  9. stopping by from the LBS tea party :) i love facebook! i live across the country from my family...and most of our friends. it keeps us all connected, and gives me something to do at night when i need a good laugh :)

  10. Stopped by via LBS tea party and I love your blog. I'm going to come back when I have some free time and stay here for a long time.... Thanks, Kathy!

  11. Yeah, it seems it is perfect for keeping you to date about people you don't spend a lot of time with but if the relationship is more substantive it doesn't cut it!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  12. I have never been a computer game girl.... I am thinking I aught to try before my three year old get interested.!

  13. I love your concept of "everyday bliss." especially inquiry, seeking of the truth. Many of us have problems because we don't face the truth. How wonderful. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for stopping by Mimi! I just popped over to visit your blog... totally cracked up about the gerbil in your freezer awaiting burial... I did that with my Gerbil when I was a kid!

  15. Yeah it is crazy! I found you even with 20 similar names!! Thanks for having a photo I recognized!

  16. My sweetie is also not on Facebook. He thinks it is funny that I have so many friends on there. I love maintaining friendships all over the place his focus is much more local!

    It is odd when someone you never had a real conversation with actually hunts you down. I always want to ask "why are you interested?' but I usually jus ignore the friend request... who has the bandwidth to follow every one??!!

  17. I like the fact that Facebook gives me the ability to keep up with so many people, so easily. I listen with interest to all the stories about privacy (or lack of it) but essentially I just don't put anything on there that's really private.

  18. Nice to meet a fellow addict!

    Looks like I will need to hang out on your blog during my upcoming order week! You make mundane fun!

  19. That is for sure!

    I gave my TV away for a couple of years once. The first week I didn't know what to do with myself... after that I had no idea how I ever had time for TV. Makes me wonder if I could do the same with Facebook.... I think I would miss it way too much.

    P.S. The TV came back too.... never feel good about the time it sucks away. At least with facebook I feel like I'm staying connected with people.

  20. Thank you so much Mary. Inquiry week is one of my favorites! Sorry you missed it... it was just last week... no worries it will be back next quarter!

  21. I love it when I haven't checked in all day and there are a whole bunch of updates for me! It is like getting a nice letter in the mail only a lot more frequent!

  22. Wow thank you so much Abi! This is my first tea party... so many nice blogs. Wish I would have found you all a while ago!

    For my other readers: If you don't know what the Lady Bloggers Society is, click on the button in my sidebar to find out! Lots of fun!

  23. Yeah, I never put anything I wouldn't want my mom to see on facebook AND she isn't even on there!

  24. I really liked Facebook for awhile, but its become kind of restrictive (especially when promoting your business there). It is very nice to keep up with members of my family and friends from grade school and high school as well. I'm not on it nearly as much as I used to be, but it's still a valuable resource! :)

  25. I only recently joined facebook as a way to social network for the Etsy shop, but I find that I, like you, and catching up with friends more now! I have to make an effort not to spend too much time on it!!
    I love your cartoons- they are very apt!!

  26. Thanks Heather!

    Sometimes I just have to say STOP!! and then walk away from facebook and the computer... I never knew I could be such a geek!

  27. I totally agree about the restrictive thing... I've been very dissatisfied with my Everyday Bliss page but my personal one works pretty well for me!

  28. I used to be addicted to FB and was on it ALL THE TIME, but something just clicked about a year ago, and I realized how bored I was by all the status updates---I mean, do I really need to pray for a friend's cat who has to go the vet for a few shots? I'm hardly on it anymore, just check in a couple times a week, in fact. I DO think it's a great engine to keep in touch with family and really close friends, though.

  29. I know what you mean about all the status update stuff... I update with funny stuff my girl says because EVERYONE seems to like it... I don't report about the type of juice I drink or the clothes I decided to wear.... I look at it twice a day and see what I see... I don't get alerted on my phone... that would be WAY too much!

  30. I admit to being slightly addicted to FB as well..blush...I love that I can connect with lots o f people in one place, makes staying in touch easier. There's nothing like a real live visit, though, something I need to remind myself of now & then.

  31. Found your blog from the Lady Bloggers site! I love it! Also, yes - I , too, am addicted to FB. It is amazing how it connects everyone - from all aspects of my life. Yes, it can cause a bit of drama from time to time.. but it is a lovely way to stay connected!

  32. yep, I'm addicted to FB. It's been a great way for me to keep tabs the neices and nephews in Chicago...and it's allowed us to stay close from 900 miles away. Plus, I've reconnected with some childhood friends that I have not seen in 20 years. So grateful for that. And then there's the quote of the day from Jessie...I never want to miss those.

    (and my vote for the "got bliss?" button = copy below the photo...only because it's easier to read.

  33. Vicki It is so nice to see you commenting over here on the blog! Thank you so much for all of your support here and on facebook!

  34. Hello, stopping by from the Lady Bloggers. I thought your post was very interesting. Have you seen the video called Facebook in Real Life? You can find it on Youtube. A very entertaining skit. :) It's incredibly weird how much Facebook has changed over the years. I remember getting one when I was a sophomore in high school when Myspace was still all the rage. I thought: ugh, Facebook is boring! and ditched my account. Then about a year later, everyone started getting a Facebook account, so I rejoined, and then Myspace went to the dumps at my school. Now Myspace is the boring one! It's funny how people go from one social networking site to another. It makes me wonder how the fads pass.

  35. Sometimes I think I am "in touch" with someone just because I read their status updates. It really is necessary to actually talk and cisit once in a while for that to be true.

  36. Lauren, thank you so much for stopping by!

    I've been wondering what will be the "next big thing" in social networking. It seems like people are getting annoyed with Facebook, particularly regarding privacy stuff. When Myspace was taking a nose dive Facebook was there to pick up where they left off... so far it doesn't seem like anything is waiting to take it's place!


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