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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 things... an approach to gratitude

GRATITUDE - warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; very thankful. [Gratitude week starts here. Click for this week's Bliss Initiatives.]

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment,
 all you have is all you need. 
Sarah Ban Breathnach 

Last Gratitude week I went a bit overboard trying to find things for which I felt grateful. I went on a frenzy and posted every crazy little thing on, "I am grateful for toast perfectly toasted," and after a while it started to feel very forced and I began to worry about what other people were thinking instead of actually getting present to my gratitude. This time I have opted for a more zen like approach, like Scott's over at Attitude of Gratitude. Each day Scott shares 5 things for which he is grateful. He has been doing it for years!! Pretty inspiring! I've decide to do the same this week and see where it leads. I don't intend to share my list here everyday but I would like to make it an ongoing habit. 

Lovely "Grateful" Card by Klooster

I have a few gimmies on the gratitude front. My husband, daughter, family & friends, good health etc. etc. but I don't want to use the obvious, at least not everyday, and sometimes I won't be able help myself! Anyway, what I am intending is distinguishing things previously forgotten or perhaps unnoticed that if I got present to them would add greater depth and happiness to my overall life experience, AKA bliss. An example comes to mind immediately. Two nights ago Jessie called for me in the middle of the night. It reminded me that not too long ago it seemed like she would NEVER sleep on her own and now that the occasions she asks for me are getting further and further apart I am a little sad. Grateful for the snuggles still shared of course, but a little sad. Thinking about this led me to the fact that Jessie asks me to play with her ALL THE TIME! 

Playing with Jessie 24/7 isn't possible of course but if I am to be honest many times I try to avoid it. I work on distracting her with projects so I can get done what I want to get done. Jessie is VERY enrolling, "Come on mommy, play with me. You will like it. It is very fun!" and I do join her often but I can not say her insistence was something I felt grateful about UNTIL I thought about the sleeping on her own situation. Similarly, someday she will be bigger and she won't want to play with me every minute of everyday. I certainly don't want to go down the path as in that old Harry Chapin  song  Cat's in the Cradle and distinguishing this had me suddenly feeling VERY VERY grateful that I haven't squashed Jessie's enthusiasm for having me join her in building "towders" or any of her daily activities. Further, when she asks me to join her I feel all that more inclined to join her. She is growing up fast and I don't want to miss out on a thing!

So what about you? Where can you distinguish being grateful that would have you feeling more happiness? 

Today I am grateful:

  1. Jessie wants me to play with her.
  2. We have time to make cookies.
  3. Rob is bringing supper home.
  4. Cotton Balls, glue and tempra paint are so cheap.
  5. I saved some craft supplies for today's rainy day.

Next Post: Grateful for Technology

My 13 bliss virtues: joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity, inquiry, community, romance, gratitude, moxie, humility, surprise


  1. I think it is great to focus on those things that you don't always remember you are actually thankful for! time you sit down to build Towders you will enjoy it all the more!

  2. I think that Scott has the right idea. If I am upset or angry I try to think of something for which i am grateful. I like to focus on small things because sometimes it is the small things that enrich our lives the most.

    Also, re: kidlets. Time with them does fly. I created the habit of reading to the Child every night. At first DH and I switched off. Now, most often I do the reading. Sometimes I am tired and just don't want to do it, but he is now getting to be a teenager I see that someday he probably won't want me to read to him, so I just do it. I am mostly grateful for it - just not when he won't go to sleep.

  3. That's a great list. You know what does it for me? Knowing that I have days worth of food in my kitchen, even when I "need" to go shopping. It's nice to remind myself what a luxury that is, and how spoiled I am by always having it that I actually forget that.

  4. Thanks all. It really is amazing how much we all have to be grateful for everyday!


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